Team Rumph Center remains undefeated


Written by: Josh Safran


Following their massive comeback on day one, it was a question of how much Team Rumph Center had left in the tank for the winner’s bracket.  The answer came early and it came often. Yesterday was just a warm-up for the two-time reigning champions.


Following Shannon Givens’ all-star performance on day one, someone else needed to pick up where he left off.  The former Creighton standout Maurice Watson Jr. took the baton finishing with 20 points. Aside from Watson, Rumph Center played excellent team basketball to the tune of an 81-69 victory.


Early in the first this matchup looked even, but Rumph Center executed the ‘turning defense into offense’ cliche to a tee.  Rumph Center clamped up halfway through the first and PF Workouts simply didn’t seem ready.


After being tied at 19 early, Rumph Center jumped in front and took a 39-28 lead into halftime.  The second half started and the fun really began for the 5-time champs.  Watson was the main contributor throughout but it was Isaiah Gans who stole the show. Gans threw down a monster reverse dunk that got Tom Gola arena on its feet. He currently holds the unofficial dunk of the tournament title.


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