Rumph Foundation Free Heart Screening: ‘a collaboration of a whole lotta people putting in a lot of work’

Thank you to all who supported our recent FREE heart screening at the Germantown Boys and Girls Club!

“The Rumph Foundation is responsible for getting AEDs in all Philadelphia rec centers,” said Dr. Victoria Vetter from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “That’s over 150 rec centers throughout the city. That’s an amazing accomplishment.

Hear more from Ms. Candy, Marcus Owens, Dr. Vetter and Paul Stevens, MD, on the Daniel E. Rumph Foundation’s impact and what proved to be an amazing turnout:

Ms. Candy:

“I am so happy that the people are finally coming out and bringing the children to get screened. This is so great. The turnout was wonderful. We’ve been partners with [Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia] for over 15 years. All I can do is say thank you Dr. Vetter. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We just started working with the Boys and Girls Club. We just recently gave defibrillators to every Boys and Girls Club in Philadelphia. Their kids are coming out and I appreciate them and I thank them.

I’d like to do it again in the fall and hopefully still have the same turnout for people that missed it so they can come out and bring their children.”

Marcus Owens:

“This has been amazing. Just part of the experience and the growth of the foundation. This year all the kids and families coming through is major for us. We want to keep growing it and hopefully be even bigger in October.

It just shows how blessed we are, all the people who came together and helped put this together. Our team, the foundation team, that put the extra work in to get the word out to different schools, organizations and rec centers. It’s a collaboration of a whole lotta people putting in a lot of work.”

Dr. Victoria Vetter, Professor of Pediatrics at CHOP

“We’re very excited and happy to be working with the Rumph Foundation again. I’ve worked with them for quite some time. Everyone made a huge effort to get more young people here and we hope that will help us make sure all these children’s hearts are safe. We’re trying to find conditions either similar to Danny’s or similar conditions that can put young people at risk for having a sudden cardiac arrest.

Youth Heart Watch is a group at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We have both primary prevention and secondary prevention programs. Our mission is to prevent sudden cardiac arrest and death in young people. We want to reach out to the community and by working with a grassroots foundation, such as the Rumph Foundation, it allows us to meet people in the community to have these tests available for youth in Philadelphia.

I’m in awe of Ms. Candy. She’s an amazing woman who suffered an incredible loss in losing her son Danny. She has turned that into a mission to honor her son and to make sure that all of the youth in the city have an opportunity for full and healthy lives. We’re honored they partnered with us to to help us bring our mission and theirs together.”

Paul Stevens, MD, CHOP Pediatric Cardiologist

“To be a part of this is so important. We get to serve the community and that’s what this is all about.  Trying to detect the things that could cause sudden cardiac events in kids, preventable things that could change the life of a child and an entire family and community. To prevent sudden cardiac death is what we do. And to do it more effectively, you have to get out into the community.

Frankly, not everyone is going to come to the hospital. Even those kids who have signs or symptoms of disease. For communities, it’s a step –– a big step –– to be seen. Our goal is to take what we do, our expertise, into the community and try to detect those things.”