Next generation of Philly hoopers taking in the Rumph

Lynn Greer III and Jordan Hall came out to the Rumph Classic supporting the generation of Philly hoopers ahead of them.


For Hall, who is back in town for a few days between workouts with the San Antonio Spurs, the 17th annual tournament was his first appearance. He said he was supposed to play but will “definitely” suit up next year.


“[Philly basketball] means a lot to me,” Hall said. “Coming here my sophomore year I’ve learned a lot from playing in the Catholic League and transitioning to college in the Big 5.”


Greer has been coming out since he was about 12 years old, looking up to Blue Magic wing Brandon Austin.


“Getting to see the guys play and knowing that everybody does different things and play through their mistakes,” Greer said. “Knowing everyone isn’t perfect but it’s cool to figure out some new moves to do. Just getting to see the guys that came up from Philly is really cool for young guys like us.”


Both specifically shouted out an added excitement to see Phil Lawrence-Ricks, a graduate manager at St. Joe’s, playing for Team Pierre Forte Workouts.